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Missing Files


As a response to a post on how to find a way to report on the results of all Coded UI Tests that have been run similar to the analysis report found in MTM it was suggested that trx2html might be a solution. When I review the home page it indicates that version .0.7.3 supports VS2012, but I don't see that version as the current download (current is 0.6).
I downloaded the source and opened with VS2013 and found several missing files. When I open the solution in find the Img2B64 project and files are missing. When I perform a build, the file2wssTest.cs and V2\TestClassRunTest.cs are missing from the trx2html.test project.

As of right now, this solution is useless to me.


wenyuansong wrote Oct 19, 2015 at 6:17 AM

I removed file2wssTest.cs and TestClassRunTest.cs from project file and can build the solution successfully.
i guess these two files are just for some debugging or internal purpose.