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Support for Data-Driven test results?

Sep 19, 2012 at 9:19 PM

First, trx2html is working wonders on most of my TRX files. It is producing the kind of reports my manager has been wanting for some time. Thank you!

Second, a number of the tests I run are Data-Driven Tests that use CSVs or Access DBs as driver files. The test runs a number of iterations based on the rows in the data sources. The results presented in the Test Results window is a one-line Pass/Fail summary of the TestMethod. Opening the context menu and clicking "View Test Result Details" opens another window that shows the results for each Data Row in the driver file.

Can support for this type test result be added to trx2html? Perhaps someone else has already resolved this situation?

I have yet to grab the code and see how this might be implemented. Before I do, however I want to be sure I'm not duplicating another effort needlessly.

Please advise and thanks!